First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)

On or after 3 October 2015 the FHOG of up to $10,000 for ‘new’ homes will remain unchanged. It has been abolished on established homes.

On or after 3 October 2015, purchasers of established homes will still be able to apply for the first home owner rate of duty if the value of the home is below the current threshold of $530,000.

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First Home Owner Grant Fact Sheet

A Further Grant – The REBA Grant
Home Buyers Assistance Fund

The Home Buyers Assistance Fund has been established to provide first home buyers with financial support.

There is a grant available of $2,000. The purchase price of the property must not exceed $400,000.

Set out below is an outline of the criteria needed to be eligible:
A Buyer should:

  • Be buying their first home and intend to reside there for at least the first 12 months;
  • Not have owned any property in Western Australia previously;
  • Be buying the property through a real estate agent;
  • Lodge the application for the Grant within 90 days after signing the contract to purchase;
  • Be financing the property through an authorised lending institution;

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