Frequently Asked Questions

When can I move into my new house?

Generally you cannot move into a property until after settlement has occurred.

If the house is vacant or had been rented you can move in immediately settlement has taken place. Just check with your real estate agent about obtaining keys.

If the seller has been living in the property he has until 12 noon the day following settlement to be out of the property.

How do I get the keys?

Contact your real estate agent to check how to collect the keys. Settlement agents don't generally handle the keys

Do I have to attend settlement?

No, we will attend on your behalf. We will then contact you and the real estate agent to advise settlement has been completed.

I'm a Pensioner – do I get a discount?

Yes, mention to us that you are a pensioner and we will provide you with a quote for our fees taking that into account.
The Government does not provide any specific discount on charges in relation to buying or selling a property.

What about insurance?

Generally a lender will require that you arrange house insurance on a property that you purchase. Many lenders will not book in settlement without first sighting evidence that insurance is in place. Check this with your lender.

If you are purchasing a strata property the insurance for the property may already be in place and arranged by the strata company.

What is Landgate?

Landgate is the Government Department that keeps records of all land ownership in Western Australia.